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正品 瑞士维美瑞奢钻鱼籽眼霜
Vento Vivere Luxe Caviar Cellular Eye Cream
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Derived from the essence of 200-year-old "immortal tree" beech buds, sealed at minus 20 degrees to release the "immortal" vitality of skin cells.

Diamond 4D carved technology skin care, firm and lift, reshape the skin around the eyes, creating full, plump, contoured, youthful and uplifting eyes.

The high-frequency introduction massage head can quickly inject anti-aging ingredients into the eye skin for a long time, leaving the eye skin soft and smooth.

Squeeze an appropriate amount of eye cream, apply lightly on the eye area, and massage until absorbed.

Diamond extract: The addition of diamond ingredients has a prominent effect on removing old keratin, delicate skin and brightening skin tone.

Sturgeon roe extract: look for rare fish roe, extract rare ingredients, sturgeon roe, known as the "king" in fish roe, is 16 times higher than ordinary fish roe Omega-3. Instantly release the firming effect, penetrate directly into the dermis of the skin, and promote collagen regeneration.

Compound retinol: It can effectively remove free radicals, prevent collagen breakdown, and slow down the formation of wrinkles. Maintain skin plump and elasticity. The VA compound retinol can be used during the day and remains 100% active.

Beech bud extract: The eternal tree-the essence of beech buds BEECHBUD, derived from the 200-year-old "immortal tree", the skin is brightened, accelerated renewal, and stored at minus 20 degrees, preventing fine lines and tightening the skin.

White Nymphaea extract: White Nymphaea extract contains flavonoids, polyphenols and other active ingredients. White water lily extract non-stimulants and soothes the skin, makes the skin white and transparent, effectively resists skin oxidation, slows down dullness, activates the skin's whitening and renewal ability.

正品 瑞士维美瑞奢钻鱼籽眼霜
Vento Vivere Luxe Caviar Cellular Eye Cream
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