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正品 何首烏洗发水香皂
Shouwu Shampoo Soap
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何首烏,一種中草藥,在護髮方面具有特殊的治療功效。 首烏中藥可促進血液循環,去除頭髮上多餘的油脂,停止頭皮瘙癢,滋養乾燥脆弱的秀發,幫助脫髮。



涂抹肥皂之前,先将头发彻底弄湿。 将洗发香波打圈移动到湿发中。 如果需要更多泡沫,请加一点水并继续。 将泡沫留在头发和头皮上几分钟,以使活性成分起作用。 彻底冲洗。

每次使用后应让肥皂风干。 避免坐在水中以保持肥皂更硬和持续更长的时间。

何首乌在中药中广泛用于帮助头发稀疏,头发白化。 何首乌含有丰富的氨基酸和卵磷脂,可滋养头皮,改善血液循环以刺激毛囊,阻止头皮屑并防止过早的白发和秃发。

He Shouwu, a Chinese herb known for its special healing power in hair care. The Chinese herbs, Shouwu, stimulat blood circulation, remove excess oil from hair, stop itching scalp and nourish dry brittle hair to help provent hair loss.

He Shouwu has anti-inflammatory that prevents the calcification of the scalp.

Suitable for Normal to Oily Hair.

Wet hair thoroughly before applying the soap. Move the shampoo bar in a circular motion into the wet hair. If more lather needed, add a little water and continue. Leave the lather on hair and scalp for a few minutes to allow the active ingredients to work. Rinse thoroughly.

How To Store: Soap should be allowed air dry after each use. Avoiding sit in water to keep soap harder and last longer.

He Shouwu (Polygonum multiflorum) is widely used in Chinese medicine to help hair thinning, graying hair. He Shouwu is rich in amino acids and lecithin which nourish the scalp, stimulate hair follicles by improving blood circulation, stop dandruff and prevent premature grey and baldness.

正品 何首烏洗发水香皂
Shouwu Shampoo Soap
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